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Website / Blog: - "This is quite literally the only kitchen appliance you are ever going to need." - "I decided that the Magimix Cook Expert would be the one to meet all the demands of my busy kitchen." - Recipe : Instant chocolate avocado mousse - "Since owning a Magimix I can honestly say that we have prepared and eaten meals that would have NEVER happened otherwise. [...] after 3 months, I can tell you that we’ve been using it at least once a day." - Comparison: Thermomix / Tefal Cuisine Companion / Magimix Cook Expert
"Which one would I get? The ease of use, long warranty and robust steel construction of the Magimix make it the clear winner for me. It is safe, reliable and more stylish on my kitchen bench and can do everything the Thermomix can." - "The Magimix Cook Expert (CE) pretty much satisfies my needs of both a food processor and a cooking machine in one. I really love the fact that with one electrical (motor) base you have two machines" - "What did I love?
- It shortcuts the preparation time for every meal or baking project. 
- How easy it is to clean. 
- How easy it is to use. 
- Being able to make basic ingredients now that I don’t need to buy in the shops" - "the Cook Expert, a kitchen appliance that is a beautifully crafted, compact, multifunctional thermo machine and food processor that gives home cooks the pleasure of cooking like a chef with ease." - "This is a compact, handsome kitchen appliance that doesn’t take up too much room on the bench, it doesn’t mulch the food up, doesn’t require too much brain-strain to adapt my recipes to it and is a pleasure to use."
Recipe: Pistachio Ice cream - "Move over Thermomix, there's another gadget creating a storm [...] Meet the Magimix Cook Expert. This appliance is new to the Australian market (this year) and apparently can do just about everything [...]And it cleans itself" - "There looks to be another gadget on the market that could surpass the hype around the Thermomix. Meet the Magimix Cook Expert." - "The Magimix has 12 automatic programs, a food processor attachment and will focus on in-store demonstrations as oppose to consultants." - "French company Magimix has announced it will be launching its own 'thermo-machine' to rival the Thermomix, called the Cook Expert." - "It allegedly preps and cooks food, then cleans itself, all with one ‘universal blade’ – an innovation the brand says can chop and stir raw ingredients into chilli con carne to feed your family in just over an hour." - "My feedback after 7 months of Magimix Cook Expert cooking…" - "I chose MAGIMIX Cook Expert" - "Recipes using the Magimix Cook Expert thermo-machine"

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a current affair - "Is this the Thermomix killer? Introducing the Magimix. It's French, it's the same price, it's 12 machines in one, and comes with a whopping 30 year warranty!"