Magimix has been embracing environmentally-responsible practices
ever since it was founded nearly half a century ago and strongly maintains its core values:
Built better to last longer





Magimix's early experience in professional kitchen equipment has taught us the importance of designing simple, efficient, durable products. We pay particular attention to the quality of the materials and components we use to ensure that all our domestic appliances are built to last at least ten years when used for domestic purposes. Thus, all our food processor, blender and juicer motors are guaranteed for 30 years*. The longevity of our products ensures less waste is generated therefore less strain is put on natural resources.

* Blenders purchased from 1st September 2020


We have a rigorous after sales service focused on proximity, reliability and speed and are proud of our ability to repair products that may have been purchased several decades earlier.
Our products are designed to be repairable, should the need arise. We make every effort to keep spare parts for food processors, blenders and juicers for at least 30 years and at least 10 years for our other products.



Waste reduction

We make our greatest contribution to waste reduction by manufacturing products that are built better to last longer. We also encourage people to rediscover the joys of home cooking via our new products and our corporate communication. By so doing, we help to cut food miles and the volume of food packaging.



Energy efficiency

The more efficient a product is, the less energy it uses. As part of our ongoing quest to improve technical and energy efficient performances, the Magimix R&D department are meticulous and rigorous when it comes to developing the specifications for all our new and existing products.


Magimix products feature either a stand by function or power save mode. This ensures that when the product is not in use, no electricity is being consumed. This is to comply with strict international standards as well as the EU's eco-design requirements for energy-using products (EuP).



Magimix consistently adopts the safest and most environmentally-friendly solutions in every area of its business.

Ongoing development

We actively involve all our employees, suppliers and partners in our programmes designed to improve performances - especially environmental performances.